During free initial consultations with Patent Law Agency, LLC, we usually ask potential clients if the have done a prior art search for their inventive idea or concept or design. Generally, most inventors respond by stating that they have done a search on the “Internet,” but could not find their idea.

A typical inventors’ concept of an “Internet” search is searching their inventive idea or concept on Google, Alibaba, Amazon, etc. where they did not find or see any product similar to their design.

Of course just because the inventive idea was not found or seen searching through popular commerce sites such as Amazon or Google does not mean that the idea (or design) does not already exist. Why?

We all know that some inventors are brilliant when it comes to developing and patenting products but not very good when it comes to marketing the developed / patented product.

This means that an inventor may have already patented your idea or design, but never marketed it to be sold for you to find or see it in the typical “Internet” search.

We will gladly discuss various searching techniques when you contact our offices for your free, no obligations consultations.

As always, you are more than welcome to call or email Patent Law Agency, LLC if you have any comments or questions.

By Peter Ganjian, BSEE

(Former United States Patent Examiner with the United States Patent and Trademark Office)

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