Delivering Quality Service & Value

Patent Law Agency, LLC has years of experience and multitude of professionals with expertise to tackle the legal, technical, and business challenges of procuring the right intellectual property for your innovative ideas.

Legal Expertise:

We have expertise in patent law, and fully understand that global intellectual property laws (and in particular U.S. patent laws) are complex for most corporations and individuals (even for some attorneys).
As an integral part of our services, we work closely with inventors and corporate leaders to guide them through the complex maze of global and U.S. patent laws to address complex legal information in simple and easy to understand language so that our clients can make the right decisions with respect to their intellectual property needs.


Technological Prowess:

All inventions require certain level of technical understanding – from simple mechanical devices to complex software applications that execute complex business methods.  We fully understand that the legal complexities of procuring intellectual property protection is further compounded by the required technical knowledge that is fundamental to comprehending the technical aspects of an invention.

Patent Law Agency, LLC has expertise in a wide variety of leading engineering, scientific, and business fields, and works closely with inventors from different technical backgrounds to deliver the right technical expertise for securing the intellectual property rights for innovative products

Business Strategies & Patents:

Understand client business plans are essential for correct timing and procurement of the right intellectual property for an inventive concept.  As a very simple example, filing of a provisional patent application for a new product may be the right step prior to initial launch of the product (as compared to filing a non-provisional patent application).  This may be true even if the initial launch of the new product merely encompasses a preliminary, fact-finding marketing program to determine its feasibility.

As another example, filing of an International Patent Application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (or PCT) may not be the initial right step if the business strategy dictates that the product will be launched only in Canada and the United States.  Therefore, in addition to legal and technical expertise, we work very closely with inventors and corporate leaders, taking into consideration the business strategies of clients to deliver the right intellectual property for the innovative ideas.

The Patent Law Agency, LLC mission is to help guide individual inventors and corporations through the complex maze of intellectual property matters by globally managing all aspects of their intellectual property proceedings, including legal, technical, and business strategies. We are dedicated in providing the right intellectual property.

We distinguish ourselves by exceeding inventor expectations in terms of service, quality, and value, which is the reason that your free, no obligation initial contact with Patent Law Agency, LLC will be directly with an experienced patent practitioner.

The Patent Law Agency, LLC is managed by Mr. Peter Ganjian, an experienced United States Patent Agent (who is also a former United States Patent Examiner) with extensive legal and technical experience, who encourages direct and active engagement of patent practitioners with corporate and individual inventors.

We believe that direct initial involvement with inventors and corporate leaders is the only way to best understand corporate and individual innovations and overall business strategy for maximizing revenues from intellectual property rights for our clients.

Contact Patent Law Agency, LLC today at 1.818.248.1465 for a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss your intellectual property rights, including your ideas, concepts, designs, and innovations.