Small Economic Footprint

Patent Law Agency, LLC is very much aware of the initial expenditures that are required for research, development, production, and marketing of a new product, which is a major concern for most inventors (individual or corporate).

Our goal is to provide for our clients the highest quality intellectual property protection but with a very small economic footprint on your balance sheet.

We understand the economic considerations related to launching a new product, and our fees are a reflection of those economic concerns.

Patent Law Agency, LLC fees for U.S. and International Patent Applications are probably one of the most competitive in the United States and the world due to our very low overhead costs, but without sacrifice in service, quality, and value.

As an example, Patent Law Agency, LLC has prepared Utility Patent Applications from as low as $700, and Design Patent Applications from as low as $500 for our qualified United States and international clients.

We encourage you to call our office to determine how you can qualify for our very low cost patent application procurement services so that you can direct major portion of your economic resources to steps required in launching your product and not legal fees.

Contact Patent Law Agency, LLC today at 1.818.248.1465 for a free, no obligation initial consultation to discuss your intellectual property rights, including your ideas, concepts, designs, and innovations.