Patent Law Agency, LLC has the global expertise to skillfully prosecute patent applications filed worldwide with any patent granting authority, including the U.S. and any other national or regional Patent Offices (such as the European Patent Office) for successful procurement and grant of patents.

Our unsurpassed commitment to our clients is throughout the entire life of the pending patent applications that we handle. This unparalleled commitment includes our fundamental policy of providing free, no obligation consultations for each and every correspondence received from the U.S. or any other national or regional Patent Office before which our clients’ patent applications are pending and that we handle.

In general, correspondences received from patent granting institutions such as the Japan or China Patent Office or the United States Patent and Trademark Office include arcane legal language that communicate complex legal and technical information and in most cases, require action on the part of the inventor.

As an integral part of our free, no obligation consultation we work very closely with inventors and corporate leaders to help them comprehend the content of every communication received in simple and easy to understand language so that our clients can make the right decisions for their intellectual property rights without any further added costs or obligations.

We provide this free service so that our clients can make a fully informed decision with respect to any future step that they may take to further protect their product and in some instances, this may even include abandoning further prosecution of their case without any charges or further obligations.

Our policy of free, no obligation consultation for each and every communication received from a patent granting authority is a true testament of our genuine commitment to our clients in terms of service, quality, and value that distinguishes the Patent Law Agency, LLC in Los Angeles from all other patent firms.

Please contact Patent Law Agency, LLC for your free, no obligation initial consultation to learn about patent prosecution and how it can affect business and intellectual property strategies for your product. Your call will be answered directly by a patent practitioner who will gladly assist you in all the details.