Patent Law Agency, LLC
Patent Law Agency, LLC
Patent Law Agency, LLC is a full service patent firm
Patent Law Agency, LLC
Patent Law Agency, LLC
Patent Law Agency, LLC is a full service patent firm
Patent Law Agency, LLC
Patent Law Agency, LLC
Patent Law Agency, LLC is a full service patent firm

Welcome to Patent Law Agency in Los Angeles!
A Full-Service Intellectual Property Law Firm, California

Patent Law Agency in Los Angeles CA

We are a group of IP law experts committed to offering top-class services forming part of intellectual property law including patent and trademark.

Intellectual property is the invention or creation brought to existence by a human mind, embracing unique work. It can be of numerous types and plays a significant role in driving the economic growth of the country. Also, intellectual property holds great value for the inventor. But for that to happen, the creator needs to protect it. We, as a part of the Patent Law Agency, help you do that. How? By letting you obtain intellectual property rights. IP rights offer several benefits, the major one being the ability to earn recognition and monetary gains to the inventor. We provide extensive consultation on intellectual property matters and complete protection from IP law infringement to clients.

Protecting Ideas from Infringement

The ideology behind the formation of the Patent Law Agency is to offer a secure atmosphere to the creators. Since the beginning, we are dedicated to preventing unfair competition and licensing issues while ensuring the safety of your intellectual property. We specialize in global patent procurement services for all types and sizes of companies, including startups and individual inventors. Right from patent search, preparations, patent applications to patent procurement services, we have patent attorneys to handle all. We are equipped to assign a dedicated patent attorney for large business houses and industries having complex requirements. Plus, we have highly experienced patent lawyers for litigations and disputes handling.

But that’s not the only area we serve. It’s just one of the types of Intellectual property rights. Being a full-service law firm serving Los Angeles and other parts of the globe, we also look in other practice areas of IP law. Our suite includes services related to trademark law, trade secrets, copyrights, and related segments. And to serve our clients in the best manner, we have experienced attorneys for each area, including trade secret, patent, and trademark. We direct all our efforts to make the process of obtaining IP rights easier.

Whether you are in Los Angeles CA, or at any other place, you can trust us for protecting concepts of your business. Our Patent lawyer in LA will coordinate to give you the best.

Experience the Power of Intellectual Property Law Experts from Diverse Areas

We have expertise in patent applications, patent procurement services, and protecting innovations. And you can rely on us for that irrespective of your business niche. For us to assist you, it doesn’t matter whether you belong to the technology segment, artistic field, or product development. Because our firm has attorneys and legal consultants from different backgrounds, including science, IT, and engineering. We are capable of handling projects ranging from mild to severe, involving complex products, ideas, or issues.

What, Other Than Legal Advice, should you Expect from Us?

Providing you with a patent lawyer in LA or other areas, protecting ideas, protecting products, or protecting concepts is a part of our job, letting us meet the basic requirements of offering legal services. But what makes us worth selecting?

  • Transparency in process.
  • Cost-Effective attorneys.
  • Ethical practices.
  • Dedication and responsiveness towards clients.

Ready to Hire Patent Law Agency, Los Angeles CA?

Are you in need of a patent lawyer in LA to assist you in protecting products, looking for a reliable lawyer to guide you on obtaining trademarks copyrights, or are you in search of an experienced attorney to settle patent trademark infringement issues of your business?

Assisting you in protecting innovations is our duty and letting us do that for you is your responsibility.

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Design Patent Applications and Patents

In general, during the free initial consultation most inventors state “… I have this design that does this or does that….” In other words,


Crocs is a popular manufacturer of comfortable shoes, which lost a patent fight in the European General Court. Reason for their lost:

Hologic, Inc. V. Smith & Nephew, Inc., Covidien LP – text from US Court of Appeals for Federal Circuit

United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit HOLOGIC, INC., Appellant v. SMITH & NEPHEW,

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