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Worldwide Patent Procurement Services

The Patent Law Agency, LLC is a full service patent firm that specializes in cost-effective, global patent procurement services for both small and large companies, including individual inventors.

Since its inception, the Patent Law Agency, LLC has focused on assisting corporations and individual inventors navigate through the complex maze of patent proceedings by managing all aspects of their intellectual property needs worldwide, including patent searches, preparation, filing, prosecution, and procurement of patents.

Our global network of legal professional affiliates can manage any aspect of your intellectual property needs worldwide, including trademarks, copyrights, all transactional matters (e.g., licensing), patent ownership, unfair competition, patent infringement, patent maintenance, patent assignment, and enforcement of patent rights.

Our staff and most of our global network of legal professional affiliates have legal, engineering, and scientific expertise, enabling Patent Law Agency, LLC to work in a vast variety of technologies from simple mechanical innovations to complex electronic and software related products.

The hiring of the right patent firm is the first and most important decision in protecting your intellectual property rights. Please contact Patent Law Agency, LLC today at 1.818.248.1465 for a free, no obligation initial consultation.