Patent Law Agency, LLC has developed an extensive global network of legal professional affiliates that can provide legal counsel to inventors and organizations throughout the world when they need it, thereby lowering their overall intellectual property costs through the use of both Patent Agents and Attorneys.

Whether you are an individual inventor or are representing a multinational corporation, your approach in tackling the exorbitant fees for obtaining intellectual property protection should be DIVIDE & EXPLOIT.

The Divide & Exploit approach to lower the overall intellectual property costs for inventors is based on DIVIDING the overall intellectual property needs into various phases, and EXPLOITING intellectual property law practices of U.S. Patent Agents & Patent Attorneys, and knowing when to use which to one’s advantage.

To begin with, most inventors should divide and separate patent procurement proceedings from other intellectual property matters (e.g., litigation, contracts, copyrights, trademarks, or others).

The Patent Law Agency, LLC is ideal for patent procurement phase of most inventors’ overall intellectual property needs (worldwide).

Patent Law Agency, LLC can provide high quality, competent patent services at a much lower cost compared to Patent Attorneys (usually by thousands of dollars in savings for each patent case).

Allow the Patent Law Agency, LLC to handle all your patent procurement needs, and if or when necessary, only then seek the services of a Patent Attorney for other intellectual property matters (which you can do through one of our many affiliates).  These may include copyright protection, service or trademarks, etc.

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