During free, no obligations initial consultations with Patent Law Agency, LLC, a majority of inventors ask if there is a need to developed a working model (or prototype) of their invention or product before applying for patent protection.

The short answer is no.  Why not? What if you were an inventor of a costly and very large sized product that required Government approval prior to even producing a working model.  For example, and just for the fun of it, you may have invented a brand new, “home use” nuclear reactor for generating electric power.

Inventors do not have to have a prototype or a working model for applying for patent protection but they do need to provide a detailed description of their invention.

The description should be of sufficient detail to allow a person of ordinary (or equal) skills to read the description and develop the product without undue experimentation.

As always, all inventors are more than welcome to contact Patent Law Agency, LLC if they have any further questions or comments.