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  In general, during the free initial consultation most inventors state “… I have this design that does this or does that….” In other words, inventors use the term “design” to actually describe utility or function of their invention. The term “design” has a specific meaning in the “patent world,” which is clearly defined in […]

Crocs is a popular manufacturer of comfortable shoes, which lost a patent fight in the European General Court. Reason for their lost: Crocs disclosed its invention more than 12 months prior to filing of a patent application. In fact, the court stated: “The General Court Confirms the cancellation of registration of Crocs’ design because it […]

  System and Method for Communicating with and for Controlling of Programmable Apparatuses   CROSS-REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS This Application is Non-Provisional Application that claims the benefit of priority of the co-pending U.S. Provisional Utility Patent Application 61/970,591 with a filing date 26 MARCH 2014, the entire disclosures which is expressly incorporated by reference in […]

During free, no obligations initial consultations with Patent Law Agency, LLC, a majority of inventors ask if there is a need to developed a working model (or prototype) of their invention or product before applying for patent protection. The short answer is no.  Why not? What if you were an inventor of a costly and […]

A method to obtain a catalyst of transition metals supported on a carbonaceous material, via impregnation, with a solution of metal-thiourea complex, obtained from precursor salts. The formation of the sulfur on the surface of the support occurs through the thermal decomposition of the complex. The obtained catalysts are applicable toward the direct liquefaction of […]